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Memory Walk

You may have noticed a winding path that leads through the wooded portion of our grounds. This is an accessible path that serves many purposes and has benches along the way for guests to pause, relax, enjoy nature, and celebrate the memories of those who came before us.


Special Thanks

In 2007, Chris Kevitt began organizing this project to honor the memories of those who have passed. After years of planning, and thanks to the generous donations of many of our members, the Memory Walk was completed in 2010 by Dean Schertz with the assistance of Aaron Ferguson. Along with being a blessing to the members of UUCCI, this was also a Senior Project for Aaron and his mentor, Dean.

Preserving Memories

The Memory Walk is paved with sandstone bricks, and the original memorial stones were as well. Over time, after many years of Indiana weather and countless visitors, the stones needed some attention. In 2024, the memorial stones were replaced with porcelain pavers and installed by Donna Stanley. 

Preserving the memories of our beloved members is a project that means so much to the community of UUCCI. In the future, we plan to expand this page of our website to include photos, stories, and obituaries of those honored within our Memory Walk. If you would like to receive updates about this project or other activities at UUCCI, you can sign up for our weekly emails by sending a message to


Add Your Memories

During 2024, Brittany Phillips will be compiling obituaries and fond memories of those who are remembered in our Memory Walk. These writings will be included with a digital map of the memory map so that new visitors may get to know the congregants who are with us in spirit, current members may be reminded that stones are available if they would like to reserve one, and so that the memories shared with our beloved members may be preserved online for future generations. Please consider sending Brittany ( any writings or memories that you may have of the wonderful people honored in our Memory Walk.

Finding Your Way

A printable map is now available so that guests can find names of loved ones, or learn more about our founding members. This is a living document, and we will be adding stories, photos, and links to this map over time. Click the button below to download your copy.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 113032.png

Reserve A Place of Honor Today

If you would like to have your memory preserved in our Memory Walk, it is easy and affordable. Our office admin is happy to help you plan the layout of your stone and create an order form. There are two sizes of stone to choose from:


Rectangle 9.5"x14" for $125

Square 14"x14" for $150

A logo can be included for an additional charge. This charge varies based on the prices of the engraving company that completes the orders.

If you would like to reserve a stone in advance or order a stone for a loved one, please contact for an order form.

Scatter Garden

Along with preserving the memories of loved ones in stone, we also offer this space as a place to lay the ashes of loved ones to rest. The Memory Walk is also a scatter garden, however paperwork is required from the health department before a scattering can take place. If you would like to make arrangements for yourself or a loved one to have remains placed in the scatter garden, please contact our admin at

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