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Welcome All!

Whether you're joining us for the community events, friendly people, or the snacks after Sunday service, we're happy you're here!

Upcoming Services
Each Sunday Morning at 10 am


May 19

School's Out for Summer... Class is Now in Session (FF 1)

When the last bell of the semester rings and the school buses depart for a final time, that is when class truly begins. Well, spoiler, as Unitarian Unviersalists, we are committed to being lifelong learners, year-round, year-over-year. Why? Because it is not only a central value of our living faith tradition, but it is also a counter-cultural, revolutionary rebuke to the passivity and resignation that "this is it." We have so much to learn in order to live. So as we live, may we choose to learn.

May 26

What is Epistemic Justice, and Why Should We Care?

Minister Emeritus Rev. Dennis McCarty will return to discuss "What is Epistemic Justice, and Why Should We Care?" Epistemology is the study of human knowledge. Terms such as "testimonial epistemic injustice" sound WAY too complicated. But what if we think we know something--that just just isn't true? What if we think that without even realizing we're thinking it? That's how ethnic and gender bias work. Rev. Dennis will explain this complex-sounding study in real-world terms. We all have room for self-examination on this one.

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mornings at 10:00am

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Last Week's Service

Black Mother Memories: 50 Years of the Combahee River Collective


50 years ago, a group of black, feminist, lesbian socialists came together to form the Combahee River Collective. Meeting from 1974-1980, this group challenged the narrowness of both white feminism and the misogyny of the Civil Rights Movement. A half century since its first gathering, Rev. Nic will reflect on the lasting call to engage in intersectional justice work today and into the future.

Events This Week

Music Reading Class

Wednesday, May 15 at 6 pm

Louise Hillery is leading a class to teach music literacy. Seating is limited. Please contact Louise for more information at



Choir Practice

Wednesday, May 15 at 7 pm

To join, contact Louise at



Womens Chalice Circle

Thursday, April 16 at 10 am

Chalice Circles are facilitated, small group gatherings, which meet once a month at UUCCI. The gatherings foster conversation on Monthly Themes and build community in a small setting. New for this year is an all woman’s Chalice Circle. Please contact Sharon Mangas for more info at



Environmental Action Team Meeting

Sunday, May 19 at 11:30

Join the environmental action team after service this Sunday to find out how you can get involved.


Winter is around the corner. Check this section to see if there are any weather related cancellations, or special announcements.

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