August Services

Sunday mornings, 10:00 AM

August 3:  "Voices of Buddhism"   Leonard Cohen wrote “only one thing made him happy and now that it was gone, everything made him happy.”  Join us to explore other Buddhist stories, teachings, and practices that engage our minds and hearts.

August 10: Tim and Jan Grimm

August 17:  “Breathing Space”    What’s the common thread in Digital Detox Camp, mathematician J. H. Poincare’s inspiration, conscious parenting, and Thoreau’s experiments at Walden Pond?  Join us in a meditative end-of-summer service on “Breathing Space” to find out. Shari Woodbury will be back as the guest in our pulpit, a few weeks before she officially returns as our Intern Minister.

August 24:  "Gleanings from Some Wild Places"  Donna Stanley will discuss some beliefs developed from time spent working on National Wildlife Refuges.

August 31:  Rev. Dennis McCarty will return the pulpit to contemplate our Sixth Unitarian Universalist Principle: the goal of world community, with peace, liberty and justice for all. That may sound far-fetched. But in “Looking Out at the Big, Interconnected World,” Rev. Dennis will explain how there has always been world community. It’s up to us to decide--and work for--the community we want to have.

About the UUCCI

With reason and love as our guides, and without dogma or creed, we are a religious community dedicated to the free and responsible search for meaning and interconnectedness. We gather to provide a sanctuary for diversity, to provide education for our children and ourselves, to promote social responsibility and justice, to celebrate life, and to be inspired to be our best selves.

We are officially recognized as a LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation.