AUGUST 31: Rev. Dennis McCarty will return the pulpit to contemplate our Sixth Unitarian Universalist Principle: the goal of world community, with peace, liberty and justice for all. That may sound far-fetched. But in “Looking Out at the Big, Interconnected World,” Rev. Dennis will explain how there has always been world community. It’s up to us to decide--and work for--the community we want to have.


 SEPTEMBER 7: We will kick off the 2014-2015 Church Year with our annual “Homecoming Service.” As we return from summer journeying, family time, and all life’s other distractions, we will re-focus on our ethical and spiritual lives with a traditional Unitarian Universalist Water Communion. For this occasion, remember to bring a small container of water from a meaningful place in your life. (Where the water comes from is never as important as what it means.) Rev. Dennis McCarty will lead us through this beloved Unitarian Universalist tradition.


 SEPTEMBER 14: "Healing and Hope"  Can we build mutually empowering relationships across socio-economic boundaries?  Can we take ownership of and have great pride in our community’s welfare system?  Keith Weedman will discuss one community’s seven-year journey of breathing life into a county welfare system, involving hundreds of community volunteers, working in partnership with people receiving public assistance and the existing government and social service agencies. "There is a tendency of the general public to critically judge persons who receive public assistance.  The healing and hope comes about when people learn that this dysfunctional system can be transformed through building relationships across socio-economic boundaries, in relationships based upon respect, faith, and trust."


Rev. Dennis McCarty will begin a series of four services on “The Struggle to Be Human.” Struggle is universal to all living beings. At the most primal level, this means the struggle to survive and reproduce common to even the most basic microbe. On the human level, this expands to the struggle for meaning beyond simple animal needs. Each human life must swim the currents between these various levels of struggle, from the most basic to the most sublime.

Over these four weeks, taking inspiration and challenge from the summer’s news headlines, Rev. Dennis will examine in depth, various forms taken by these complex levels of human struggle.


 SEPTEMBER 21: “The Struggle for Faith.” The suicide of comedian Robin Williams brings up a stark question. If even the most gifted person can so lose faith in self and everything else--to the point of despair and death--how do we lesser beings cope?


 SEPTEMBER 28: “The Struggle with Sin.” How do we cope with our own mistakes? A former stock-car driver himself, Rev. Dennis McCarty will use recent travails of Columbus native and NASCAR superstar, Tony Stewart, as sacred text. 


 OCTOBER 5: “The Struggle with One Another.” Our shrinking world accents tensions borne of our different races, religions, and cultures. Our very human diversity is a struggle in itself. How do we cope with cultural differences? 


 OCTOBER 12: The series will conclude with “The Struggle with Belief.” The endless range of Unitarian Universalist belief, from atheist to theist and pagan to mystic, is both a strength and challenge. How do we cope, combine, and learn to appreciate one another’s different beliefs?


About the UUCCI

With reason and love as our guides, and without dogma or creed, we are a religious community dedicated to the free and responsible search for meaning and interconnectedness. We gather to provide a sanctuary for diversity, to provide education for our children and ourselves, to promote social responsibility and justice, to celebrate life, and to be inspired to be our best selves.

We are officially recognized as a LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation.