July 2015 Services
Sunday at 10:00 AM

JULY 5:  “The Poet of the World”  Anastassia Zinke, the minister of All Souls Indianapolis Church in Indianapolis, will speak about Alfred North Whitehead, a mathematician, physicist, and the father of process theology.  He once referred to God as an alluring poet, who imagines a just and beautiful future, and who calls us to complete this vision.  Together let’s explore process theology and its invitation.


JULY 12:  "HOSPICE: History, Mission, and Vision - Personal Stories of Compassion"  Laura Hurt, President of Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, will relate the history and describe the mission and vision of this community organization.  By sharing personal stories of how Hospice has helped patients and families in our community, she will discuss existing myths and highlight the significance of understanding the incredible benefit that Hospice care can be.


JULY 19:  “Hope for Healing”  It’s a pastoral platitude that “hurt people hurt people.” But how does this play out at different levels of human community?  And what about healing and love – are these socially infectious too?  Shari Woodbury, our Summer Minister, will lead this service exploring how hurt cycles through generations and communities – and what we can do to help the healing of humankind.


JULY 26:  "I'm Not a Feminist, But..."  Dr. Penny Weiss will explore the reasons people give for saying they are not feminists even while they say they support a wide range of feminist positions. At issue are a lot of myths about feminism which, interestingly, are not simply true or false.  Penny Weiss is the Chair of Women's and Gender Studies, and Professor of Political Science, at Saint Louis University.

Summaries of Past Sunday Services