November Services

OCTOBER 26:  We will observe LGBT History Month with the Columbus oral history project, “Threads of our Diversity.” This gripping video was made with support from the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County and the Human Rights Commission. Rev. Dennis McCarty, S. Brian Walters, and Elizabeth Monet will introduce the film and lead discussion afterward. 


NOVEMBER 2:  Jim Martin, a long-time member of our congregation, will present a program “Pantheism for All,” reflecting his interest and research into this area.  Jon Brooks, Canadian troubadour, will play special music for us.


NOVEMBER 9:  Rev. Dennis McCarty will take on a question often asked in a lot of places: “Is Unitarian Universalism a Religion?” We’ve been told we are a religion by people who don’t like religion. And we’ve been told--by religious traditionalists--that we’re not really one. Maybe our Unitarian Universalist reality is something neither extreme of such arguments can understand.


NOVEMBER 16:  We hear all kinds of statements about “faith” versus “reason.” Or “emotion” versus “reason.” But how much of that conversation is rooted in obsolete concepts that are not scientifically accurate. Rev. Dennis McCarty will explore what we’ve come to learn about the human mind--and what that might mean--in, “Does Reason Exist?”


NOVEMBER 23:  Our topic will be, “Race, Class, and Ferguson.” Ongoing strife in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, is ample evidence that racial issues are still alive and painful in the United States. But to Rev. Dennis McCarty, the pain and divisions go even deeper than that. It’s not just who we think we are as “whites” or “blacks”--or even who we are as “Americans.” Events in Ferguson offer a shadowy look at who we are as human beings. What does this all mean spiritually and how do we respond?


November 30:  “Fighting Asset Poverty” by Priscilla Scalf. For over 36 years, Eastside Community Center has been serving the families in the East Columbus area, and since 1998 Priscilla Scalf has served as ECC Director. In that time, Eastside has grown from a hot meal site serving a couple dozen individuals, to a thriving organization with programs that serve Hoosier families throughout south central Indiana. Priscilla will be telling us how Eastside has developed an “asset based” approach to fighting the poverty in the Center’s service area and helping families achieve financial stability.  Shari Woodbury, our Intern Minister, will co-lead the service.

About the UUCCI

With reason and love as our guides, and without dogma or creed, we are a religious community dedicated to the free and responsible search for meaning and interconnectedness. We gather to provide a sanctuary for diversity, to provide education for our children and ourselves, to promote social responsibility and justice, to celebrate life, and to be inspired to be our best selves.

We are officially recognized as a LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation.