December Services
Sunday at 10:00 AM

DECEMBER 7:  Rev. Dennis McCarty will present “Thoughts on Conscience versus Consensus.” Unitarian Universalist history is full of people who stood up for “conscience” in the face of all opposition, living out Thoreau’s idea of the “majority of one.” But we also talk about being a “religious community.” Rev. Dennis will try to sort out the tension between our traditions of individualism and consensus.


DECEMBER 14:  Our service topic will be, “The Religious Words that Divide Us.” We are a church of diverse religious beliefs--which inevitably means, diversity of religious language. We fight over such words as “God,” “Worship,”--and even the word, “Religion.” Are we one or aren’t we. Rev. Dennis McCarty will attempt to sort out the nuances of religious language and reach some conclusions we can all share. 


DECEMBER 21:  Rev. Dennis McCarty will take on the word that, perhaps, most divides Unitarian Universalists. “Pondering the ‘G’ Word” will struggle with our complex relationship with the term, "God." Some Unitarian Universalists believe in God or a god. Some don't. But what does that word even mean? Can you even have a “religion” without the word, “God?”  


DECEMBER 24, 7:00 PM:  Join us for our traditional Christmas Eve Candle-light service. Each year, we gather in music and warm community to usher in the holiday. We will share a diversity of songs, heart-inspiring thoughts of the season--and afterward, we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for Christmas punch, treats, and conviviality. This is always one of the most joyous services of the church year.


DECEMBER 28:  Our children will lift up the holiday season by presenting a play with a controversial history, “The Little Tree’s Christmas Gift.” This play found itself at the center of the “war on Christmas” controversy when religious conservatives sued the Dodgeville, Wisconsin school board for “changing the words" to traditional Christmas carols. But is this play really a secular attempt to destroy Christmas--or just a fun and innocent pageant? Our wonderful kids (assisted by some wonderful grown-ups) will give you the play. You decide. 

About the UUCCI

With reason and love as our guides, and without dogma or creed, we are a religious community dedicated to the free and responsible search for meaning and interconnectedness. We gather to provide a sanctuary for diversity, to provide education for our children and ourselves, to promote social responsibility and justice, to celebrate life, and to be inspired to be our best selves.

We are officially recognized as a LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation.