June 2015 Services
Sunday at 10:00 AM

MAY 31:  Our topic will be “Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christian Courage.” It is easy to paint all followers of the Christian tradition with the same brush. It’s also a mistake. As an example of Christianity as a force for good, Rev. Dennis McCarty will look at the religion-inspired courage of German Lutheran theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer.


JUNE 7:  Rev. Dennis McCarty will deliver his final regular service at UUCCI, on the biggest topic of all: “Does God Exist?” For thousands of years, people have argued--and even fought wars--over various beliefs about God(s) and how to properly honor him/her/them. But what happens when you apply the lens of logic, philosophy, and reason to the discussion? Rev. Dennis will toss “God ideas” around and see what kind of salad comes out.
We will also honor new Members who have joined in the past year. 


JUNE 14:  "A Celebration of Ministry"  We celebrate the gift of Rev. Dennis McCarty's service of 12 years as our minister. Rev. Dennis retires June 22. Please join us for this special service and the brunch reception afterward. 


JUNE 21:  Rev. Dennis McCarty’s final appearance in our pulpit will not actually use our pulpit. He will provide a “sneak preview” of some of the performance-related art he will be doing post-retirement. In “Michael Servetus: Words and Music” he will offer a dramatic reading, with songs, of his play about proto-Unitarian martyr, Michael Servetus. This will be a 75-minute, non-standard service without liturgy. Hopefully, it will represent Rev. Dennis’ final artistic gift to a very special Congregation.


JUNE 28:  Rev. Bill Breeden, the retired co-minister of the UU Church of Bloomington, will be our guest speaker. "Neither Victims nor Executioners" — a 1946 essay by Albert Camus provides fodder for thinking about our Incarceration Nation.

Summaries of Past Sunday Services

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